Mountain Views

Flying to California from Seattle–basically the entire length of the PCT–I couldn’t help but wonder where the trail was below. I saw a few recognize able landmarks:

Mt. St. Helens:

Mt. Adams (I think):

And Crater Lake:


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6 thoughts on “Mountain Views

  1. How exciting! Also, welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. I do this every time I fly back east. But instead of possibilities, it’s now memories. Few recognizable landmarks, but always lovely to think about all the good times and carefree living. Enjoy it out there!

  3. jefffrant on said:

    I just read your first Camera dispatch. Hopefully the PCT trailhead is not located 50 miles west of San Diego. 🙂 Two aphoristic beacons to guide your ship of discovery: travel light and then go even lighter & the mental trip is the key to the physical trip. Bon Voyage, Kristy.

    • Drat! My mild dyslexia makes me a mess with lefts and rights… but I’m usually pretty good with cardinal directions. Thanks for the close read, Jeff! I hope you check back in. I start hiking on Sunday!

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